Muskox and Caribou

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For muskox, Ken Wilson and Lad Shunneson fly from Yellowknife to Gjoa Haven on King William Island, just north of the arctic coast. Gjoa Haven is an Inuit Inuit of about 1000 named for Roald Amundsen's boar, Gjoa, after he spent two winters in Gjoa Haven before becoming the first explorer to traverse the Northwest Passage with their Inuit guides, Nuliayuk "Jack" Ameralik and Kanayok "Sam" Takkiruq , the hunters travel south, over frozen ocean and land, by kamotiks and snowmobiles to hunt barren ground muskox. Each take Boone & Crockett animals while surviving temperatures of 40 below in April.For caribou, Wilson and Shunneson fly out of Yellowknife in August with a group of hunters in a Twin Otter and land on Little Martin Lake in front of their camp. This time wooden skiffs with outboard motors are the form of transportation to the assigned hunting areas which are changed, counterclockwise around the lake, each day. Camp Manager Greg Major wisely assigns jack Ameralik to guide Wilson and Shunneson because he knows that Shunneson talks to much for most Inuits who are not already used to his shenanigans. Experience pays off as Wilson And Shunneson each take two Boone & Crockett central Canada barren ground caribou.

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